Clarion call

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Why is it so difficult for many Christians to accept the message of divine health? Why would many Christian consider the message of the new life controversial even in the light of what the new testament has to share?

My question is what is Christianity?

Why is it so easy for us to accept the common place Christianity that is void of the power of God. Why is it so OK to believe in the Christianity that does not demand from us personal responsibility to studying the word, prayers and sharing our faith with others.

How did we as a nation( believers) get to the point where it is so OK to live with out the presence of God. What message did we listen to that tells us that God is OK with our passionless commitment toward the things of God like actively involving in church ministry. In all these things, I see that the culture of the day is defining for the next generation of believers what true Christianity is.

I urge you my fellow country men, let it not be said that it was in our generation that Christianity became a common place. We own it to God and to ourselves to shine brightly and redefine this very life we have received from God according to scriptures.

 This is a clarion call people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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